Cherni letters 1- 3

Salvatore“Cherni”Cernigliaro (1880-1974) “Golden Age” of American Carousels, Master-Carver for the E. Joy Morris, then the Gustav and William Dentzel Companies and for a time, PTC, Philadelphia Toboggan Company... Following are the three installments of a letter written by carousel Master-Carver, Salvatore Cernigliaro, known as “Chemi,” in 1963. The letter is 13 handwritten pages long, so we will share it in these three seg- ments. Some of the writing is hard to discern so we will make the best attempt to copy it correctly. Chemi was one of the early highly respected carvers that worked for Dentzel. Letter date: Feb 18- 1963 Los Angeles 920 1/2 So. Beremt (?)

Staged ca. 1922 magazine photo shoot shows “Cherni” carving a horse at the William Dentzel Company in Philadelphia. The head and legs would not be attached while the body was carved (above). As well, below, the body would be further carved befor the head was attached, below. (Note top left in top photo, a cat’s head with fish in its mouth. “Cherni” credited himself with playful additions to menagerie and cherubs and such to horses while at Dentzel.

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